Back to the 50’s Auto Show

This weekend was the Minnesota Street Rod Association’s 37th Annual Back to the 50’s Auto Show at State Fairgrounds in Roseville. This year over 11,700 classic and collectible automobiles were registered and displayed for the over 130,000 visitors. Not being a real gear head, I love the show for the incredible people watching and frankly, I know myself pretty well. I like shiny things and bright colors. The lines on these classic vehicles are amazing. The attention to detail some people put into them rival the attention normally given to a pet…only A LOT more expensive. One gentleman advertised spending over $38,000 over 2 years and countless hours of labor. But the results, in some cases, are breathtaking. The mirror like finish by these artists offer some incredible photo opportunities. I also found myself fascinated by the hood ornaments. Again, shiny objects. Looking back, it’s really a shame that a company like Studebaker that took chances with it’s design didn’t survive. What would they like in 2010?

The final picture in this set is just a scream to me. The Back to the 50’s Auto Show has gone green. While I appreciate the effort to recycle, the carbon footprint surrounding the fairgrounds this weekend has got to be amazing. The evening consists of people setting up chairs along the streets to watch the endless parade of cruisers. The signs to “Rev It Up” bring the volume level up significantly where straight pipe exhaust (no muffler) are the rule. Normal people dress in the fashion of the day or as their favorite celebrity and mingle like it was 1957. Marilyn was just a paying customer. Always a great time full of grins.

Oh yeah, and the fair food rocks. Mini donuts, cheese curds and a BBQ rib sandwich brought my cholesterol to a delightful level. And it’s just the beginning of festival season. Bring it!

Here for all the photos.

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