Big Changes

There have been a great deal of changes happening in my life. Unfortunately, my association with Home Instead has ended, at least as a Staffer. It was a struggle from the beginning and really was never a good fit. Among other issues, being tethered to a telephone for the vast majority of my day is REALLY not my thing. I am frantically sending out resumes and and applying everywhere and have also signed up with a couple temp. services: One that was to bring over 40 hours this week but the contract was pushed back. Scary times ahead. Things are going to begin to be turned off soon. I’ll learn to live without cable but its the other things that concern me. There is, however a major positive to come from this time in my life. I have found a wonderful woman that I have fallen in love with.

Her name is Melissa. We met online, corresponding that way for quite some time (understandable given the vast 12 mile distance between us) before taking the leap and meeting face to face for a cocktail. She is smart, funny, coy, beautiful and we make each other very happy. We have many hurdles to cross but are planning to move in together in the next couple months. A couple of those “huddles” will be moving with us, at least part time. (I say that with tongue firmly in cheek) Melissa has a 17 year old son and an 8 year old daughter that will be a large part of my life. Terms of who and how often are being discussed between mother and father and then to the kids. As it should be. She also has a 19 year old son that is a freshman at the University of St. Thomas that she is very proud of but has not exactly embraced our relationship. Fresh wounds, misunderstandings and a stranger with his mom. I get it. This is initially between mother and son. At this point I’m a faceless “whatever” to him. All things in time… hopefully. They have a great father that is very involved so it by no means is all on me. All I hope is that I have a positive impact on them and we can grow a relationship.

This all may appear to be coming out of no where but much of our “courting” was done by chat and email before ‘going public’ especially to our kids. She was and still is very cautious: though, as she puts it: She knew right away and “beat me into submission”. I have a history of being psychotically protective of my kids and subsequent grandkids so I completely understood. What I didn’t know was just how lonely I had been until she opened and filled that hole that I had protected so carefully for many years. There are incredible family coincidences too. The age difference between Matt and Melissa’s daughter is 20 years. The same as between my brother and I. I’ll be 59 years old when she turns 18. Same age as my father when I turned 18. Karma is crazy but also assures me that this is exactly where I’m suppose to be. Somewhere my dearly departed parents, brother and quite possibly my wife and a few friends are having quite the belly laugh. Obviously, the timing of my job lose is awful beyond its financial impact. We understand the outward appearance but the move is something we had been talking about for months and have decided to proceed with. If only things would have held on at Home Instead for a couple months longer…

So please: A heads up. There will be a lot references to we and us from now on. And it will finally mean someone other than Ace. This is a great thing. I’ll try to keep you up to date as we figure things out.

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