What A Difference a Year Makes

Holy cow, is my life different. I have a new girlfriend, a new family, a new job and a new house but some things never change. Football Sunday is still football Sunday. It is all encompassing and consuming. Between the actual games and tracking my fantasy team, I go into my own little world. I park my ass in front of the TV with my laptop and all the worlds issues stop from about 10 am to 11-12 pm. This is quite the revelation to my new family that aren’t exactly sports enthusiasts. Melissa had to sit the kids down and explain my addiction to them. I’m sure the looks on their faces were priceless as the reality of not being able to use the laptop to watch their Japanese anime or the latest Katy Perry video for an entire day hit. (I REALLY have to get the computers in their bedrooms set up.) Listen, they have TVs with full satellite service in said rooms but they aren’t as big or HD. Fortunately for them, they spend every other weekend with their father so this insanity is only half as bad. And I have made concessions. When I lived alone, I had 3 TVs and 2 computers going with different games and the fantasy scoreboard up. I’m down to 1 TV and 1 computer. I compromise a little. Melissa is coming around on the Packers but has yet to fully embrace the Saturday Badger games. She says that the entertainment for her isn’t so much the game as much as watching me watch the game. I can become rather animated when the champs are playing. Of course, food is always a part of this. Junk food, pizza or the occasional Chinese delivery was usually timed to arrive between the noon and 3:00 games. Melis has taken this to a new level. Yesterday, while I was busy watching the early pregame shows (beginning at 8:00 am and I call it research!), she ran out to tend to some errands and came home with several delicious pastries and amazing sushi. This was for the 2 of us… The times, they are a changin’ and I’m gonna weigh 300 pounds. I’m so spoiled.

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