On My Soapbox Again

Recently, President Obama put forth a proposal to create new jobs by updating and refurbishing schools and other public buildings. To be honest, I don’t know the details but that’s irrelevant to my ire. Soon after, some Republicans were asked for their opinion on the idea. These gentlemen stated that they hadn’t looked at it, had no plans to and that the proposal was DOA. The direct inference was that it came from a Democrat and this is election season so it really didn’t matter if it was home run or not, it didn’t come from one of their candidates. Last week, country no brain Hank Williams Jr. compared Representative John Boehner golfing with Obama to consorting with the enemy. This partisan way of looking at the dire affairs of our country is the most despicable thing I can recall in quite some time.

Can you imagine the outrage if instead of saying that the proposal wasn’t going to be looked at because it came from a Democrat, they had said they wouldn’t consider it because it came from a black man? There would be riots in the streets. What if they said no way because it came from a Catholic or a Jew or an Asian or a homosexual or a woman. There would be such anger they would have been asked to resign immediately but because it came from an opposing political party, its just business as usual. You disgust me and you should be ashamed. You were elected to work for the betterment of the country, our country, the entire country, not just those that agree with your agenda. Compromise is the foundation of our nation and this has clearly been lost. Hank Williams was fired from his gig doing the opening for Monday Night Football because of his comments and now has the balls to say, “you can’t fire me, I quit” because ABC/ESPN disregarded his first amendment right to free speech by suspending him from opening of this weeks game. You compared the President of the United States to Hitler and then hide behind the constitution? You stupid, arrogant, redneck, no talent hick that got his break because of his daddy’s name. You remember the man that drove from town to town singing in every working man’s saloon trying to make it big.  Because of the money and fame HE worked so hard for, you didn’t have to. I hope the well runs dry for you soon and you feel the same pain the average man has to but I doubt you’ll live that long. More likely, your pickled, whiskey soaked liver and the heart and kidneys that you nearly destroyed by your years of drug abuse (funded by your old man’s money) will give out first.

With millions of Americans out of work an elected official not looking at the proposal is treasonous. ”Holding” your ideas back until the election is over so that your candidate can receive the credit is disgusting. If you don’t like this idea, ok.  Maybe its not good.  What’s yours?  Got a better idea?What if we take a little of yours and a little of mine and see how that looks? WE CAN’T WAIT UNTIL 2013! Are you kidding me? I don’t care if a good idea comes from a Democrat, a Republican or a Martian. People are hungry, cold and losing hope. Discounting anything without a look is elitist. Have you lost touch with the common man so much that you can’t look past keeping score? If the President vetos a bill creating jobs merely because it was backed by Republicans, I will be just as outraged. We’ve become so jaded.

My eldest son is skilled heavy machine operator that has been out of work for 3 years. He has been doing backbreaking landscaping the past 2 summers so at least that’s something its but not what he is trained to do. He relies on unemployment to exist during the soon arriving winter to provide food and shelter for himself and his 2 children. He lost his home to foreclosure and isn’t sure that he can afford the place he’s now renting this winter. He lost his wife because he became angry and bitter. He’s a proud, hardworking man and despises the idea that he may have to rely on assistance to live. He’ll sign up with every temporary agency in the area and do any job he can while looking for any full time position that will have him. He’s just one of millions.

Wake up America. United we stand, divided we fall. There is no place for partisanship in the face of a crisis. Think before you speak and lets get working on getting us working.

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