This is the greatest winter ever. All we heard was doom and gloom. Higher than normal snow fall and lower than normal temperatures. In Minnesota, that means REALLY bad. I don’t mean to jinx it but our average snow fall to date is around 55″. Right now, we’ve had 15″. Total. For the season. The temperature has only gotten below zero, twice? Maybe three times this season. (Please don’t make me look that up. :-)) Now we hear drought conditions for the spring if we don’t get some moisture soon.

You all know my feelings on global warming. I’m in favor of it. It gets freaking cold in the winter here. And yes, enough of the “Its a free country, you can move any time.” crap. No, I can’t. My DA has kids in school here and an ex that would lose it if it were even suggested. She’s a life long Minnesotan with all her family here. I have two kids, a daughter-in-law and five grandkids that live here or around here. Unless I become the poster child for Lottery Magazine and can move everyone, it ain’t gonna happen. So I stand on my deck with an aerosol can, spraying and praying for my own personal hole in the ozone. Right over my house, engulfing it like a warm, sunny dome.  Like when an alien beems up an earthing in the movies, only bigger and warmer. I picture it like Pebble Beach around our home and Siberia-like outside the friendly confines. And I would never leave until the spring. And I would have everything I want. But I digress…

I DO still shot but am finding the time to process the photos harder to come by. I prefer to sleep during my “free time” now. LOL! Once and a while my work hours offer up some opportunities that I would miss if I were sleeping in on a Saturday at 7:00 am.  Hoarfrost formed everywhere due to a heavy fog and temps dropping below 32 a couple of weeks ago. It appears to be little icy pine needles stuck to everything. Kind of rare for this area and one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen. I was fortunate to catch it before it melted away. I played with multiple ways of processing the photos to get the best view of the frost but none of them fully capture what I saw that cold and foggy morning. 

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